Memoirs of 2011

Ordinarily, I don’t do memoirs or dairies / recollections but I feel 2011 has been a year which would go down in my biography as one memorable one. I Present to you DOTZY’S MEMOIRS OF 2011.

PRE- 2011

Let me give u a brief recollection of what happened right before the beginning of the year…..

1.) I had finished my University Education at the University of Agric., Abeokuta (UNAAB) now FUNAAB by November, 2010.

2.) Started work immediately at a JAMB TUTORIAL CENTRE (Humble beginnings….lol) with my best friend Emmanuel –who was the Vice Principal *

3.) Was President of my estate youths and planned and organized the best Christmas/New Year party ever in December.

4.) My mother got another job for me and begged me to resign at Abeokuta to get back to Lagos** 2011 It started as a regular one: awaiting service but still on a job- you see, I so much like work that I hate having little breaks. My mum (without my consent) got a job for me in January with the Ministry of the Environment, Lagos. I wasn’t glad at first cos I luv teaching(YES) buh the pay was good 😀 . Enjoyed working there a bit, took the car to work and that made me feel like one important guy (In my eyes). I worked here till the NYSC call-up came out in March.


A week to my call-up in February, I had a terrible accident while driving on an highway…was on speed and dint see the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) culvert. The airbags got busted buh I was got out hail and hearty. The lesson learnt was never to be in an haste while driving.


This took the major part of the year and all activities were done towards this. My call-up letter had gotten released and I was posted to Cross-River….that came with mixed feelings to be quite honest. I just made up my mind to make the best of it with God on my side. Got into Margret Ekpo Airport, Calabar on that fateful Tuesday and it took another 4hrs to finally get to the Orientation camp, Obubra for another three weeks (STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY). I got posted to a secondary school in Calabar….one thing I had mentioned was my love for teaching but this is only when the TAKE-HOME-PAY can take me home  . I rejected it because they weren’t ready to meet with my standards. I actually slept home for a week before searching for another place to serve.


One major thing that happened during the year was serving with the Nigerian Ports Authority, Calabar which I believe to be God ordained because I was the first corps member accepted there during the year against their nom of non-acceptance of corps members especially not from their headquarters in Lagos. Well, the story goes thus: On the day I was coming to Cross-River for the orientation camp, I had helped a guy who stood behind me on the queue to add his luggage to mine so he wouldn’t have to pay extra-luggage fee with the airline. We had departed that day only to meet a week out of camp at the church. In fact, he was the one who recognized me and was grateful. Unknowingly to me, he was a staff of the NPA and told me he would find any possible means to help out. Considering that they weren’t receiving corps members and the pay was higher comparative to other Places of Primary Assignment (PPA). A week later I was there and then learnt right at the office that there was a vacancy for a statistician in the firm. This was how I began to serve there and it was a wonderful experience in all ways *winks*.


Ok, I was thrown/ drafted to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) CDS group even when I had protested that I wanted some other one. Atleast, I wasn’t given Farm And Agric. (Apologies). I hadn’t heard of it before but since Nuhu Ribadu, the former chairman of the body was a mentor to me – I decided to make good use of the opportunity. The group basically preaches anti-corruption to the youths mainly and occasionally other segments of the society. I attended the meetings and made contributions I felt was sensible at some point and kept quiet at some other point….lol. I was actually in the same CDS group with my roommate who was an outgoing corp-member then (EMERITUS ELDER). The first election came and I was nominated and voted as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) which I tried my best in by dessiminating information. A few months later, another election was held and I became the President of the CDS group. Then and thence, I knew the progress of the group rested on my shoulders and decided to make a difference. It accorded me the opportunity of meeting people including the Chief of Staff of Government-who became the Grand-Patron, the ANCOR chairman (EFCC youth arm). It was an hectic but also an interesting experience.


I didn’t mention it earlier: when I got to Calabar I stayed at a corper’s lodge in an highbrow area in Calabar (Redeemed Christian Corpers Fellowship). The routine at first was quite stressful (waking at 5am for prayers, ethics e.t.c.). I had planned to move out within a month of my settling down- but as God would have it, I loved it…I joined the bible study unit because I had a passion for speaking and reading…by June I was anointed as the Bible Study Secretary and then I knew God had greater plans ordering my steps there- This being that I was not worthy of this and was just a regular Christian. This made me step up my gain in studying and speaking. I had to strive to be an example at every place I was. Well, God has been helping me. I had to study not just the bible but other books in other to impact people with the moving trend. My first fan was Temitope** she met me after my first exaltation in the fellowship and said she was blessed….we became best friends afterwards and till date. Of all achievements, being the bible study was the best thing that happened to me this year because I got to impact people directly and above all, got closer to God.


Do we need to talk about this? *scratching head*….well, at the beginning of the year I was in a relationship and in love with a nutty gal named ****call me**** 😛 but as fate would have it, we barely had time for each other (Most of the fault mine) and considering the distance. By September, it had died a natural death…we remained best friends. By the end of the year, I remained single. But it didn’t mean I didn’t have a lil crushes and near-relationship buh I guess Im not really ready for it at the moment (Ask D’banj) . MY FRIENDS I made lots of friends in the course of the year, enemies turned friends but no friends turned friends sha. I made business partners, startups partners and lifelong friends. I appreciate them all. I start with my sweeries – Temitope,Damilola, Tomi, Shola, Toyosi, Tumi to the guys – Kehers, Sanmi (scammer), Lekson, Lekan, Dele e.t.c. the list is endless.

Thank you for reading…feel free to put your feedbacks.


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