You are ALL your activities online

Good day, Im sure some of you would be wondering what the heck does this guy mean well seat back and relax….by ALL activites I mean every of your Facebook Status Updates, Tweets on twitter, BBM updates and other activities on the internet social networks including blogging. Now this is getting interesting….I’m not writing a code of conduct/ethics but I feel you can correct this and make amends in order not to make this things make others have wrong perceptions about you over that flimsy/lame and probably unintentional comment.
In recent years, the internet has been the easiest and fastest way of passing information across to a large group of people and at minimum cost(in recent times). The social networking sites gained popularity in the early 2000s and with the advent of the internet connections, browsing phones and now blackberries. We have such access at our fingertips. I can just tell my over 1,000 facebook friends an information about me at this very second or tweet an invite to my party to my over 100 followers on twitter.All this can be done within minutes.
Facebook asks me “what is on your mind” – like a friend would do and then I can divulge tins about me even my best friend might not have an irking of. By this, I can share what is on my mind with over 1,000 people in less than a minute. This gets more interesting when they begin to comment on it and if it was a problem begin to proffer solutions. This is an advantage of this social networking site (FREE ADVERT :D).
In recent times, this has been abused as this networks have been a means by which people update the weirdest and the most unneccessary things. By posting intriguing messages and incisive messages as ‘Im feeling horny’,’ Im about to die'(wu dey hold u?), ‘I enjoyed my food’, ‘I just had sex’. Like really, its none of our business. Let your private business be yours (Even though we know most are lies). No wonder the case of rape has been on an increase especially through online meets.
The internet has also been a means by which people show off nude/semi-nude pictures of themselves and share it with others. THIS IS NOT FAIR!!! a female friend of mine once used a lingerie as her Display Picture (DP) on was not nice atall. Another means of disgust is the sending of Broadcast Messages(BCs) on BBM***apologies to non-bb users..some peeps can send close to 10 a day and this can be really annoying.
The truth about the issue is that most people who make the loudest noise over the internet tend to be gentle in the real-world basis and this means its their mind that does the magic.U ARE WAT U DO and other peoples perceptions and judgements about you is based on what comes from your mind (NO JOKES) by what you inform them on.  You wont want to get raped by a friend on twitter who believes you are a bad gal based on your tweets (U get the drill).
1.) Ask yourself its relevance to others like does it affect us e.g. telling us you just finished eating is none of our business since we cant join you.
2.)Ask what message are you trying to pass put yourself in the readers shoesdont just make statements cos u feel like making everyone know ure online.
3.)Ask again what image does this statement show others about me DONT BE PROFANE…imagine if Michelle Obama had posted A̶̲̥̅̊ nude picture of herself when she was 21? I doubt if her husband would become president.

But this is not to say you should be boring, u can tell jokestalk on experiences but let it portray a positive message about you.
NB: if you are not on twitter YOU ARE ON A LONG THING *in dbanjs voice

Feel free to share this message with your friends and drop ur comments

Dami Cole


One thought on “You are ALL your activities online

  1. Yes, people like distancing themselves from the online persona they may have created conciously or unconsciously, buh I think we should all watch we put online, the bible even says “outta the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Nevertheless, the major thing that makes the internet so popular is the freedom it gives we human beings to show case our narcissitic (hope I didn’t gbagaun?) Tendencies, for some reason we think someone is reading or following our every move. we think we’re popular by the amount of friends or followers we have. However, people should learn to exercise caution as we never know who may be reading, these things may be used against us in future! I think I’ve said too much already, nice article. Keep it decent people!

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