Me, becoming an Aethist?

Ok, don’t get me wrong here…I’m sure by now my mum would be thinking of dis-owning not to talk of My Fellowship withdrawing my certificate when I served as the Bible Study secretary .In fact,I should imagine the surprise that this title would bring to faces of those that know me quite well. Before you begin to judge me,before you begin to say ‘This guy is going to hell’..sit back and read this interesting and eye-opening article.
NOTE: This isn’t for the faint-hearted!
Lately,I’ve been doing a lot of reading on religious books,pro-atheists write-ups, counter-atheist articles even movies all dispelling and proving the existence of God. Few weeks back I read on on the article – THAT GOD DOESN’T EXIST and most recently read a very controversial book THE GOD DELUSION by Richard Hawkins..I’m not here to counter or prove that but the reader of this should be able to decipher what I’m driving at here. By the way, its APRIL FOOL! *lol*
Atheism is the total ‘faith’ in the possibility of no supernatural being, God and religion. A typical atheist ‘strongly believes’ everything occurs/occurred by chance and not by a being/beings. Good definition? Though u must have noticed the contradiction ‘Faith’ and ‘Strongly believe’. Atheism is a religion on its own (Scientology). From the diverse stories of creation(No emphasis on any kind of religion). The atheist believes in the Big bang theory and even Darwin’s theory of natural succession.
Not even the purported killings and mockery of philosophers in ancient times to the continued proofs of contradicting scientific theories has brought this age-long controversy to an halt. The various religions tend to get wrong misconception on defending their faiths. The acts of terrorism in ∂ name of Jihad or the condemnation of other faiths don’t do this rather it causes a ridicule. The pure fact is that Proofs or no proofs there are always going to be two opposing sides to the idea of God or a supernatural being!
The atheist believes in the theory of Probability (I’m a statistician,tho) which is fair enough- but how does he explain to a layman how a persons gets healed of an ailment? It has been proved that most drugs work as a result of belief in their potency by patients. Good! What of a woman having a child or children even after she’s got no womb or how a man gets healed of a disease that has defied scientific diagnosis? Everyone would agree on the term Faith or strong belief of these happenings and this maintains my strong stance that I believe in GOD #gbam.
The truth is that most of our beliefs as ‘Religious people’ are based on just what we hear from our religious leaders as we don’t even try to understand the basis of it. We tend to mis-interprete some instructions and this leaves us with little or no potency when faced with challenges
My bible says ‘Fools says in their heart that there’s no God’.

Written by
Damilola Cole
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Edited by : @lovergeh


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