Twitter Voltrons: Change Agents or Campaigners

Hi, this is my first political blog as I always leave that to the Pros in it! But this write-up has been because I feel the urge to air my opinion and that of millions of Nigerian youths out there who really want a change and lookup to our ‘voltrons’ or more learned ones on twitter….I follow lots of knowledgeable and vastly-experienced people on twitter mostly from the Nigerian Political scene and who I feel collectively feel a change in the political and socio-economic terrain.
Youths over the years have actively participated in societal change in various parts of he world (we have Obama as a young President and most recently Kim jeun-li as North Korean leader) and this has been because they are the energetic and vibrant part of the population usually between the ages of 21 – 45 or there about (well, the PDP added a new meaning by having a 60 year-old youth leader) our nation Nigeria has also seen the youths ‘stepping up’ by seeing societal ills and condemning it. This shows indeed there can’t be a vacuum in Leadership in the nearest future. They include Toyosi Akerele, Gbenga Sesan,Tolu Ogunlesi,Omojuwa to mention a few
Two years ago, we had a young presidential campaign co-ordinator and it began to give the mindset that the tides have started changing and the chance for leadership has gradually started coming to the youths. This was short-lived after the elections he became a special adviser in a government he was campaigning against…as if it wasn’t all,he went on the advertise his newly-found love for the ‘great party’ and this earned him the term public enemy,betrayer,pretender etc from most ardent followers…well,I’m not here to talk on that. They saw nothing good in the political party or affiliation of the present government.
Unknown to most of us,some of these ‘so-called’ activists are open campaigners for another person/party (who doesn’t seem to be the change we need) and the claim of preaching change is seeming as if its actually all a campaign of calumny against GEJ and the PDP. The truth is that if you are a campaigner…let’s know you as that! If you are a change-activist let’s know you as that! STOP PRETENDING!!!

Damilola Cole
@damicole on twitter Lagos,Nigeria


5 thoughts on “Twitter Voltrons: Change Agents or Campaigners

  1. Nice one bro… All d occupyNigeria and 20millionyouths are only trying to find their way to eat out of d national cake and bring more woes to the nation.I hate to mention names but I must confess @omojuwa dissapointed me yesterday.all are thieves,norin but thieves.

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