Nigeria 2030: One crazy idea!

This is a part of a series of crazy things in which I have gotten inspired to do by God. Last month,two countries (Russia and Quatar) were given the hosting right to the FIFA world cup 2018 and 2022.. I had watched the announcement and fore-advertisement on CNN.jus then did this dream,this pumping came to me and I posted on facebook NIGERIA 2030 be prepared,the responses to that were quite expected(people had thought I had gone haywire lol). Looking at it ; FIFA recommends at least 16 worldclass pitches, good traffic airports,better transport networks,security and so on. Right now we’ve got not up to 2 stadiums in which worldclass matches can be played(the light was taken off in our best stadium during a final match sometimes back),few airports up to nasa standard,security is bad e.t.c. Infact all indicators show it is impossible.
But here is a glimmer of hope, 2030 is 20years from now;building a stadium is at least 150million dollars not to talk of other infrastructure..let we Nigeria entrepreneurs begin to see a bigger light in we embarking on our project by ourself with no external intervention. Why don’t u brace yourself with a future ahead of you to work towards this.if we can have jus 20world class billionaires from here,then we would start getting there.let us strive for brands with Unlimited as their watchword..we don’t want so-so-so Nigeria ltd.’ No’ start thinking out of ur league,stop thinking of short term rewards but rather making an impact.begin to use you thinking power. This generation has failed us,let us correct it by making our better. I believe with all hands on deck we can fulfill this vision.

Written by Cole Oluwadamilola
MD,OlayConcepts Unlimited
Facilitator,Nigeria 2030
November, 2010

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