Maximizing your life

Two weeks back, I was taken aback after scrolling through my facebook (which I rarely do) and seeing a condolence message to a wall on my friend list. On opening further, I saw several other messages to a certain family friend who was a bit older. It even gripped me harder when I remembered I’d sent a twitter DM to him just 4 days before which he had replied. With huge pain in my heart did I understand the gravity of his loss as he had being my Sunday-school teacher when I was younger and was the President of a social organisation which was involved in helping the poor. Infact, few days before then I’d seen him on TV distributing mosquito nets to the poor.
We all wish to grow old,we all wish to get married, we all wish to live well and fine before dying. We are born, we get schooled, we are sent out to earn a living for our family, “Live a good life” and die. We justify our good causes as occasional giving to destitute, helping our extended families and maybe attending church services as the case may be. 🙂
The truth is that not all of us will live to be as old as we wish, somethings could just happen at anytime and ‘fiam’ we are gone,only for our works to be remembered. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED FOR?
A saying by Bishop Myles Munroe “The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose” clearly explains that the giving back to mankind isn’t something to be left to the future, it starts now. Live your life with a purpose, have a cause, Be decisive on what you stand for and then you’ll be working towards to fulfilled lifestyle.
I’ve had my turning point. I also wish you have.

Written in honour of Late Mr. Banjo Okunnuga
JCI president 2013.


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