RELIGION: A way of life, our Albatross

This write up is not to diss any religion or bring confusion to any belief, it is just the thought of an inquisitive soul that needs lots of clarification and seek answers.

RELIGION is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to the supernatural, and to spirituality

I belief religion gives a deeper meaning to what life is and helps to bring understanding to as many doubts that we may have and clear our confused minds.
A friend once told me you don’t need any religion to be religious that if you can stay away or successfully overcome the five (5) weaknesses of mine then you are religious, he said the five (5) weaknesses includes anger, sex, greed, emotions and ego, he further said that if these five weaknesses can be minimised to barest minimum then we can say we are religious


Every day you meet and interact with people, we all have our beliefs and guiding principles and we learn from these interactions, I was asked one day by an elderly friend ‘what is religion’ and to tell you the truth I found it hard to define I kept going ‘em em em em’ before I could say what I understand by religion. To my own little understanding I see religion as a belief and way of life, a belief that forms the principle in which our life is patterned, the way we think, what we say, how we react to various situations and so many other things.
We all belief in something but the issue now comes when we are to measure how far we take our belief or how much do we allow it to affect our lives. I know it is generally believed that lying is a bad thing to do, but how many people really act what the belief, it is easy to point accusing fingers at other people but how many times have we pointed that same finger to ourselves.
We live in a time where hypocrisy is the order of the day, we no longer live what we preach rather we preach something and act in an opposite way.
I have always questioned my choice of religion, why is it that I believe in what I believe in, is it because I was born in to a Christian family or is it because I chose to be a Christian. Religion is not something that can be chosen for if not you become a hypocrite, you need to make your choice wisely, choose what you believe in and stick to it, don’t be a hypocrite, let people know you for who you are and be able to vouch for you in any situation.


As I said earlier, every religion has their own belief but when the belief of any religion is morally wrong then it becomes a thing of concern, if a religion believes that anybody not supportive of its believes or religious practices must be slaughtered in the name of a “so called God” then the government of a state has a right to wipe out such religion in order to bring balance to the society, if all religions can follow after all that is been taught then I believe this world will be a better place. Religion should be a thing of blessing and not a torn in the flesh of others, no religion should give right to anybody to take another person’s life.

As I said earlier if we all can live what we preach I think this world will be a better place, if we all can follow according to what is written in the various “HOLY BOOKS” we will live a life of peace. Heb 12:14 said “we should follow peace with all men………….” If we all can take this message of peace across all religions and live tolerant with each other then we can rightly say we are living life.

Written by ‘Dami Aweda


3 thoughts on “RELIGION: A way of life, our Albatross

  1. A lot of important questions raised. Firstly, I completely agree with your comment about how truly following religion would create a better world. The problem is just that, some people leave God and follow the religion of greed and money…others follow religion blindly without question, they misunderstand and misapply religion…and there are still others who use religion to gain power and wealth. What this world needs are people who seek to understand God/religion from a self-less perspective…without a desire to gain wealth, without a desire to reaffirm previously held beliefs, without any other desire but to understand the religion and God.

    The reality is…with conflicting beliefs, there can really be only one pure religion. As Christianity claims that Judaism was once pure but the Bible was sent to bring people back (once misunderstandings were created in the Torah). Islam claims that the Quran was sent for the same reason when misunderstandings were created in Christianity.
    These two claims do not mean that the previous religions were wrong or had misguiding…they simply claim that the subsequent religions were the purest path to know God.

  2. Nice work here. One write up, many messages.
    Well, i think its one thing to be religious and its also another thing to be Godly. These are two different perspectives, but the world today has only followed after being religious while really forsaking being Godly. Which should have been the uthmost.
    If man, i mean the human race, can just follow after two things i think the problem ravaging the world today would drastically reduce.
    One of it is – The fear of God. Many today fear witches or wizards than they fear God. Many even fear death than they fear God. But if we can just take away our fears from these worldly things……things that can kill the body alone and not the soul…..and put all our fears in God, then the world would be free of unreligious activities.
    The second of it is…. LOVE. A four letter word but so powerful. In it is written d codes and conduct of every one and if we can just follow all that is written in it, the world would be a better place to live in.
    So, in conclusion, we dont need to be religious all we need is to be GODLY, i mean we live in the fear of God and above all live in LOVE.

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