Are you profitable to God? ~culled from ‘Deolu Akinyemi’s blog

Yes, I’m sorry to burst your bubble this morning with a deep cutting question, but the answer to this will matter more than anything else in eternity!
We live in a worrisome age, where people are selfish, greedy, proclaim to know God, but lack His character or power! We have believers by mental ascent, Christians by repeating a sinners prayer and preach salvation devoid of repentance. Those however are not the crux today. The question today is – are you profitable?
To measure profit in Gods economy is simple. The master said – follow me, and I will make you fishers of men! He said, all power and authority has been given to me, go now and make disciples of nations. He said – when you receive power from on high, it’s to make you a global witness. Who has come to God through you in the last 1year? Who have you discipled? If your soul is not reaching out to save other souls, your soul is not saved! If you follow the Master, you will become a fisher of men. If you are not becoming, then you are not following. If you are
following and not becoming, you are following the wrong person.
The axe is at the root of every unproductive tree.
Are you profitable to God? Do you have fruits of your salvation? Or are you among the crowd of hanger- ons whose salvation inspires insufficient motivation to share with others?
Don’t sweep this under the carpet, let’s confront it!

– @deoluakinyemi


One thought on “Are you profitable to God? ~culled from ‘Deolu Akinyemi’s blog

  1. I have always asked myself “am i profitable to God or is it all about wat i can i get from Him” i pray God helps us all so that our salvation will not be in vain.

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