13 Life-long lessons I learnt in 2013

Its few hours to the end of 2013 and this keeps ringing in my head to write. i’ve had many blogs yet unwritten, many words yet said and many actions yet done. As i frequently do, yearly…..I write on lessons i gained through the year in a view of being objective and strategizing for the coming one And as i always insist –             I AM NOT A WRITER.

1.) Believe in yourself : This is the greatest lesson i have learnt in 2013, if your believe in what you do and who are then perhaps the sky is the limit.  Once you set your mind to achieving something, then a major limitation has being removed.

2.) Trust people BUT… always give room for their IMG_00001286failures, then you would not be dissapointed.

3.) Trust God because everything will eventually be fine. There can be accidental parents or children but you are not accidental to this world. God has your back ALL the way.

4.) Knowing your purpose and sticking to it early is the pathway to greatness: Your purpose can be known from what you enjoy doing, your passion, what you find yourself doing very easily( for free perhaps). Sticking to it on time guarantees high-rising.

5.) Having a mentor doesn’t make you a photocopy of an original, rather makes you easily get a pattern to which you can follow. Added to my list of mentors like Fela Durotoye and Bishop Oyedepo this year is Mr Gamaliel Onosode (google him). I learnt a few things from what he did at my age and worked dilligently on it.

6.) Attitude is everything: That is a title of a book actually, developing the right mindset towards every situation is a key to greatness.

7.) Love life.

8.) The race is not for the swift or strong after all.

9.) “To be IT, Fake IT then eventually you’ll be IT”

10.) Have great friends: I made a lot of good friends, let go of old friendships that were draining. My friends had a way of encouraging me and showing it can only get better.

11.) Never stop learning, keep thirsting for more knowledge.

12.) What you will be is not so far from where you are at the moment.

13.) Make positive impressions where-ever you are, You never know who is watching you.

Generally, 2013 was a great year for me. I intend blogging more often in 2014. I intend pouring out what is inside me and as i usually say DIE EMPTY. You can follow my blog, send me a mail or leave your comments.

Over to you, What has 2013 taught you?

Thank You


3 thoughts on “13 Life-long lessons I learnt in 2013

  1. One critical lesson I learnt in 2013 is that u can’t always steer the ship at times you need to allow a new captain take over the wheel. In fact 2013 was a year like no other. A greater 2014 ahead.

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