Nigeria: One day we will be pushed to the wall, one day we will (Volume One)

My view on news that made headlines this week:
It was disheartening going through the headlines this week, all news seems to be really annoying and infuriating. They include:
The 237 kidnapped Nigerian girls: Today marks 67 days since the kidnap of some girls from Chibok, Borno state. They had sat for an examination and ended up being kidnapped by the ferocious Boko Haram sect. The government keeps mud-slinging and playing politics with the lives of their citizens. The primary role of government is the security of lives and property.
Ekiti elections: The political class in Nigeria has always being characterized by its intrigues and antics. Every aspirant irrespective of his level of education goes haywire and beserk during the electioneering process. Incidences of assault, accusations and counter-accusations have been the order of the day. Yet the citizens don’t learn lesson, they trade votes for foodstuffs, money and other materials. The government of the day uses security apparatus to molest its oppositions.
Mohammed Abacha and N432bn charge acquittal: During the week, the son of the late Head of State – Sanni Abacha had charges dropped against him in respect of the loot. His purported gubernatorial ambition at Kano is enough reason for this. This shows the high level of commitment of the government towards fighting corruption.
Bode- George’s wife named as Director-general of NDLEA : I saw the news as a joke at first but on confirmation I was distraught. She is the wife of an ex-convict who was charged of embezzling funds as the chairman of the Nigerian Ports Authority (also a regulatory body). Only time will tell what worse news we should expect.
436 northerners conveyed in about 40 buses were arrested earlier this week in Abia state for being suspected members of the dreaded Boko haram group. The news was received with joy at various sections of the country as it seemed like the country has started bracing its security even as a kingpin was said to be arrested. But the real truth is that this might just be the case of ethnic profiling in which people of a particular group/race are authomatically assumed to be the same.
      This needs to be checked in order to forestall incidences of reprisal/genocide at its worst case scenario.

Many thanks to my motivation – My boo for inspiring me to write this column today.


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