Putting to rest the 8-5 and entrepreneurship feud


…..that was how the conversation started…..

With a lot of people for, another set of people against but then this is Reno….

For starters, I am a 24 hour person.

“If you suck at 8 to 5, you will definitely crash eventually if you attempt entrepreneurship”

Entrepreneurship is guts and blood.

If ones reasoning for wanting entrepreneurship is flexible time, then that is a lie. You work round the clock. If you aren’t ready for that especially at an early stage in acquisition of clients, please don’t venture.

Another argument says “You will be a boss of your own” truth is……Everyone has a boss. While the employee’s boss is the CEO/Supervisor/Manager…The CEO’s bosses’ are the customers of the service provided. Isn’t the role of any business to provide service? While you can hate your boss’ face and still get paid….you have to suck up to your customers or you are out of business!

Are you ready to take risks? While the worst case of any risk taken as an employee is getting out of job… An entrepreneur’s risk is worse — A wrong move can give a lifelong devastation. While the CEO is battling depression and bankruptcy, you are probably ironing your shirt for the next interview after 3 days of disengagement (kai! some employees are not nice).

While it is understandable that as an 8–5er, the quality of life might be limited..you might not be able to afford the real luxuries of life or attain the highest level of financial freedom — this is where honing one’s skills well.

As stated by Tayo Oviosu, Managing Director, Pagatech

Nigeria needs to groom great managers to lead companies or start businesses later in their career…

The act of timing comes to play. A lot of PAID, risk-free learning comes with being an employee and this helps when you eventually decide to launch out. A personal not to this is the fact that in the three industries i have managed (Oil and gas, Consulting and Commercial Real Estate), I have had various unique perspectives to managing people and maximizing resources. These varying experiences outweigh an MBA from Harvard especially (short courses…lol)

Finally, do you know you don’t have to own a business before making a mark in your field? Just have the owner-mentality and see wonders work for you. Many examples including Jack Welch, Sola David — Borha of Stanbic bank and my personal favorite — Akin Akinfemiwa of Forte Oil have made a huge mark(and loads of money) not as owners but as exceptional managers.

While i am not discouraging entrepreneurship (why should I?), do not venture out of ‘employee-ship’ for the wrong reasons.

Let me have your comments……


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