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I am sure there must be something about a married man, or a guy who has got a committed relationship for that matter, because ladies seem to prefer these guys to the ones who are single and not committed at all. One would think maybe such women who knowingly court married men are greedy, or maybe it’s the fact that the men are unavailable that make them so appealing, or just that women love to just be in competition over men. Or is it because a man who is already taken is more experienced? Is he seen as able to commit more? Is he more desirable because another woman has pre-screened him? Is it that the food on someone else’s plate always looks tastier? Or maybe if someone else wants him or has him already, he must be worth wanting. But whatever the reason or the answer may be, married…

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What We Can Learn From The Japanese Game (culled from Ofilispeaks.com)

So after Holland upset Spain in their group B opener, lots of people (actually it was just one person) told me to write an article similar to my David Moyes and Jose Mourinho articles … discussing lessons that could be learned from the Spanish loss. But I did not write anything because to me there was really no lesson to be learned. It was just one game and you can’t really learn much about a soccer team or nation with just one game 

That’s what I thought until I watched the Ivory Coast versus Japan game and then contrary to the above, decided to write an article titled What We Can Learn From The Japanese Game.

In that game Ivory Coast inspired by Drogba came from 1 goal behind and headed 2 quick goals past the Japanese defense in the space of less than 2 minutes to win the game. But what I learned had nothing to do with the action of the field, it had nothing to do with the way Drogba inspired Ivory Coast without actually scoring, it had nothing to do with the way Honda roared with passion after sending a rocket to the back of the net or the great way both teams battles. In fact it has nothing to do with the any of the players on the field. It has to do with the Japanese supporters off the pitch.

Supporters who after the loss, did what no other country supporters do at World Cups… they bent down with their blue trash bags and began cleaning the litter off the ground and into their bags.

But this is not the first time Japan has done something like this. Time and time and again they have been known to be respectful to themselves and their surroundings. And that respect has somehow transcended from beyond the Japanese classrooms/homes and into every aspect of Japanese life. Even in a foreign land miles away from home the Japanese are consistent with their attitude.

It’s not like we don’t teach respect in Nigeria, we do, but somehow our way of flogging/yelling at kids to submission is not working. It does not transcend to other aspects of life beyond NYSC camps and classrooms, in fact it virtually disappears.

Maybe we can learn something from the Japanese … that even in a loss while other countries are complaining (including myself) they instead ensure that they are respecting their surroundings. That is powerful and that is something worth emulating. Go Blue Eagles Samurai!

Japan-fans-at-the-Arena-Pernambuco (1) Japan-fans-at-the-Arena-Pernambuco

Nigeria: One day we will be pushed to the wall, one day we will (Volume One)

My view on news that made headlines this week:
It was disheartening going through the headlines this week, all news seems to be really annoying and infuriating. They include:
The 237 kidnapped Nigerian girls: Today marks 67 days since the kidnap of some girls from Chibok, Borno state. They had sat for an examination and ended up being kidnapped by the ferocious Boko Haram sect. The government keeps mud-slinging and playing politics with the lives of their citizens. The primary role of government is the security of lives and property.
Ekiti elections: The political class in Nigeria has always being characterized by its intrigues and antics. Every aspirant irrespective of his level of education goes haywire and beserk during the electioneering process. Incidences of assault, accusations and counter-accusations have been the order of the day. Yet the citizens don’t learn lesson, they trade votes for foodstuffs, money and other materials. The government of the day uses security apparatus to molest its oppositions.
Mohammed Abacha and N432bn charge acquittal: During the week, the son of the late Head of State – Sanni Abacha had charges dropped against him in respect of the loot. His purported gubernatorial ambition at Kano is enough reason for this. This shows the high level of commitment of the government towards fighting corruption.
Bode- George’s wife named as Director-general of NDLEA : I saw the news as a joke at first but on confirmation I was distraught. She is the wife of an ex-convict who was charged of embezzling funds as the chairman of the Nigerian Ports Authority (also a regulatory body). Only time will tell what worse news we should expect.
436 northerners conveyed in about 40 buses were arrested earlier this week in Abia state for being suspected members of the dreaded Boko haram group. The news was received with joy at various sections of the country as it seemed like the country has started bracing its security even as a kingpin was said to be arrested. But the real truth is that this might just be the case of ethnic profiling in which people of a particular group/race are authomatically assumed to be the same.
      This needs to be checked in order to forestall incidences of reprisal/genocide at its worst case scenario.

Many thanks to my motivation – My boo for inspiring me to write this column today.

Ten Principles of Sucess – Myles Munroe (culled)

Let me tell you a story about Myles Munroe, When he was age 16, he started speaking on Leadership and at age 17, the prime minister of his state called his mother’s phone and said “I’d Like to meet your son, Myles went ahead to see him. The prime minister said to him “Do you know you have more influence in my country than I do? Myles was shocked and embarrassed and he replied “ Mr Prime Minister, you are the president of this country, how can a 17years old boy be more powerful than you? And he said “Son you can bring together 5000people in a place without them smoking cigarette, take alcohol and they all gather to listen to you, I can never bring together5000 teenagers in my country, they will never listen to me, and they are the future of my country and you young man control the future of my country. Can you tell me your secret? Myles replied “ Sir I don’t know, I just gather them to tell them what happened in my life, I was in a family of 13, A father, A mother, and 11 children. I remember when I was sleeping on the floor with mosquito bitting me and roaches everywhere and my teacher in school told me “I’m ignorant, I can not learn
anything, Am retarded and am black, am not real
human and he is just wasting his time teaching me, I went to my mum and told her what the teacher told me and my mum said son never say that again and she gave me a book and in that book I learnt who I am and ten principles I needed to possess and that is what made me. My teacher told me blacks are monkeys and not human, and he said am a monkey.. After reading the book I went from F to A’s and was the best student in high school, I got an award and I gave it to the teacher who called me a Monkey, and i told him am a smart monkey, he was embarrassed and he said How did you do it?

NOTE: Don’t let anyone tell you who you are.
Every Human wants to succeed! No one decides
to fail, we all want to achieve. Do you know that your success is good For God? God needs you to succeed. Every manufacturer who makes a product wants the product to succeed. God design seed to be successful to bring forth tree. Seed into the soil and with water and sunlight help the seed to succeed. You need some principles to succeed!

1) PURPOSE: Purpose is the original
reason for the creation of a thing. E.g A bird was created by God to fly. If it doesn’t fly then it hasn’t fulfil its purpose. You were born to do
something very special, if you don’t find your gift and don’t discover what you are born to do, then- you have failed. You must discover your purpose. The reason behind your creation. Success is measured by what you are born to do. Your purpose is the ideas that keeps coming to your mind. Your purpose is what you complain alot and needs to be changed in your country. The same way a bird is trapped in flight, Your purpose is trapped in you.
2) PASSION: Passion is the desire
stronger than opposition, disappointment and death. A person with passion doesn’t need external motivation, A person with passion is someone who is willing to lose friends, sacrifice their pleasures, doesn’t need alarm clock to wake, A person with passion doesn’t get bored because life itself is really for living. Passion is when you discover your purpose for living.
3) PLANNING: Planning is writing your
dream in a piece of paper. If you don’t document
your dream you don’t want to achieve. Someone
asked “How do you know if your dream is the
right dream?” Here’s the answer, if your dream
only benefits you then its not from God, True
vision and true dreams always benefits others
around you. A young boy was asked “ What’s your dream” He replied “I have a dream to own a
10room apartment next to the beach, Travel all
around the world, eat whatever I want to eat..
That is not a vision, its a personal ambition. Get
a dream in your heart to help other people.
Don’t follow personal ambition. You must put your purpose and passion on Paper.
4) PRINCIPLES: You must live by
principles if you are going to be successful. What are the principles? LAWS! You must live by
principle to protect your purpose. For example,
Myles Munroe lived in a neighbourhood where
people smoke cigarette, marijuana and take all
sort of alcohols, he never snuffed a marijuana
leaf, or drink alcohol or smoke cigarette. When
they offer him these things, he remembered he
wrote his dreams on paper. He knows when he
smoke its gonna hurt his liver, and he is gonna lose his dream. A young girl wants to have sex with him, it sounds good, but he remember he wrote his dreams on paper and when he sleep with her and she gets pregnant, He would be forced to marry her. So he told her, i can’t sleep with you, my dream is more important than Sex. Principles are what you painfully decides and you are not violating.
5) PEOPLE: If you want to be
successful, you must choose the right people to be in your life. Some of you have friends before
reading this, if you read well, you will change your friend after reading this. Who is a friend? A friend is anyone who can help you fulfil your
dreams, who can take you to your destiny, who can help you achieve your vision. If you have a friend who can’t help you to achieve your vision, or can’t take you to your destiny or can’t help you to fulfil your dream is NOT a friend. If your friend tells you, let’s go drink alcohols, he is not a friend, they only want to cancel your dream, You must tell your friends, I read this article and I made some changes and one of the changes I made was YOU. Check your friends out. If you are the smartest amongst your friend, you have to change the group, you need to be among people that can make you grow, ask you question and help you think bigger. You can outgrow your friend. People who are doing
nothing wants you to do it them. People who are
going nowhere wants you to go with them. I want
you to tell them GOODBYE. Your future is
determined by the friends you keep. You cannot
choose your brothers and sisters but you can
choose your friends. Friends are more important
than brothers and sisters. King Solomon said
brothers and sister are for adversity but friends would love you at all times. Don’t be with people who don’t believe your vision. You can be the next president of this country but someone would want you to smoke, drink alcohol have sex and destroy your dream. Protect your dream from people who would destroy it. People can either help you or hurt you. There are 4 types of people
– Multipliers: Those who multiply to your dream
– Substracters: Those who distract you and
substract from your dream.
-Dividers: Those who divide from you and confuse
-Additions: Those who add to your dream
I am here to multiply to your dreams… Am a good
A book can be the best friend in your life. Books
are good people. Lock the door, turn off the T.V
and speak to a friend through the pages of a book. Stop wasting time and read books. They can keep friend with you. The Eagle is the most successful bird in the world. Eagles fly alone, they dont fly with any other birds. If you are going to be a successful young man, stay away from the crowd, scare away from the gang.
6) PERSISTENCE: You insist on getting
what you dream, you lost everything, people left
you, people disappointed you but never lost your
dream. Persistence is when you decide no matter
what happens am coming back.
7) PATIENCE: No one is successful in a
day/year. Patience is postponing the fulfilment of pleasures. Patience is not complaining, patience is working while you are waiting, Patience is preparing yourself for which you are preparing to recieve. My friend asked me (Myles Munroe) what you going to do after high school, i said i want to go to college,He said he wants to go and work in the gas station and in 4years he will have more money. I knew i didn’t have money but i was patience, My elder sister saw my dream on paper and gave me all the money that she saved for her house and I used the money to go to school, I knew I needed a scholarship and I studied to get a 4.0. your problem is not money, start somewhere. Good news: My company is one of the largest and my sister is the administrative assistant. Do you know who pays her salary? Her younger brother, Do you know who is my financial director?, Her
husband. Do you know who is the director of
multimedia liveshow, Her daughter. She never
knew she gave that money to her boss. Be nice to
someone today.
8) PERSEVERANCE: Perseverance is
gettting up after you fall down. Every successful person is a result of getting back up. If you lose all your money, all your friends, Get back up. Never trust a person who hasn’t survived anything. A hard hands is what you pay to set your people free. Imagine the life of Nelson Mandela. You will never be accepted until you are being totally rejected. When you talk you learn what you know, when you listen you learn what the other man knows, when you are in the midst of great people, Don’t talk, but ask questions. Stop trying to make an easy life, do what is right all the time.
9) POSTERITY: The next generation. If
you are going to be a successful man/woman,
success is measured by what you do for others. Is your dream big enough for the unborn to enjoy it? Think about your dreams, can you transfer what you are doing to the next generation. Success always think of posterity.
10) PRAYER: It is the most important
one. Prayer is daily consulting the one who gave you number one (PURPOSE). God is important, no one knows a product like the manufacturer. You must spend time with him more than anybody else. When you are reading, stop and talk to the manufacturer, when you are driving, talk to him and sometimes don’t talk, Just listen!

Note: Do not seek success, seek to become a
person of value. Make yourself valuable by
discovering your gift and your dream. Your gift
would attract people to you. You were not born for yourself, you were born for us. Do you know that the cemetery is the wealthiest place on earth. Why? Because there in the cemetry are books that were never written, in the grave yard, there are music that were never heard, there are poetry that were never being read, In the cemetry we have dreams that died as night mares. In the graveyard there are schools that never opened, In the grave yard, there are great men who died as alcoholics, In the grave yard there are great women who died as prostitute and drug addicts. The grave yard is so wealthy. It is that same grave yard that made me write this, because I don’t want the grave yard to get an awesome treasure. I wrote this to tell you, Don’t take your dreams, your books, your vision, your ideas to the cemetery. I wrote this to help you die empty. I wrote this because I want you to disappoint the cemetery. I want you to die like a man that said “I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. SEE YOU AT THE TOP.

– This Principles were taught by Myles Munroe at L.E.A.R.N “Time out with the youth” at LTV 27th October, 2013.

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30 ways to Make Your 20s better (culled)

30 Ways To Make Your 20s Better

1. Accept that you can’t please everybody, and then decide which select few opinions and feelings you value enough to try and satisfy.

2. Recognize that the grass always seems greener on the other side. Perhaps the grass you’re standing on just needs a little watering — it’s not necessarily where you’re at, so much as what you do there.

3. Don’t spend too much time on Instagram trying to decide if Hudson or Amaro is the more aesthetically pleasing effect on your picture.

4. Enjoy your journeys. Many times, the trip there is more gratifying than the arrival.

5. Make certain that you have some real friends who will tell you if you’re screwing up, regardless of whether you want to hear or not. “Yes men” will have you believing your sh-t don’t stink, but rest assured — it does.

6. Don’t allow your mood to be directly linked to your bank account balance.

7. Live as if you’re not going to make it to thirty. Too often we dread the big 3-0 instead of being grateful for the days we have now, and recognizing how fortunate we’d be to make it that far into the future.

8. If you get a text out of the blue that reads something along the lines of, “Hey, it’s been a long time” during the month of February, don’t answer. He/She just wants a Valentine.

9. Don’t expect people to always love or treat you in the same proportion as you do to them. Never be disappointed when this happens.

10. Don’t confuse the people who are often present with the people who are always there.

11. Make a legitimate effort to have too good of a time today to worry about tomorrow.

12. Remember that the answer to every question you don’t ask is ‘no,’ and start asking more often — no matter the context.

13. If your cable/satellite bill is #2000 away from being a car payment, get the basic package. You don’t need that many channels. Take advantage of Hulu, Netflix, and illegal downloading.

14. Skip Black Friday, take advantage of Cyber Monday.

15. Try to keep in mind that while all good things must come to an end, so must the bad.

16. When eating finger foods, use the hell out of your dipping sauce, and don’t be bashful. It’s much better to be out of BBQ sauce and have chicken nuggets than vice versa.

17. Whether it’s big or small, always have something to look forward to. It’s essential to help you get through things.

18. As the world didn’t end in 2012, make plans to kill it in subsequent years.

19. Buy sunglasses, Tylenol and Gatorade in advance when you know you’re going to get hammered.

20. If you have to contact a girl/guy first every-single-time, take the hint, cut the ties and keep it moving.

21. If you have to eat Top Ramen for monetary purposes, do so with the genuine belief that finances and cuisine quality will improve.

22. If you don’t have to eat Top Ramen, do it anyway to keep yourself humbled.

23. Spend more money on experiences and less on material things. (e.g. trip to Calabar Carnival takes precedence over new iPod.)

24. When you go to Vegas, take a minimum of three years off of your life with your actions.

25. Avoid reading comment sections on the internet, especially if you’re sensitive. You’ll lose all hope for civilization.

26. Avoid physical altercations at all costs. We’re too old for fighting — use your words. This isn’t grade school where rasslin’ got you sent to the principal’s office, you risk going to jail or worse.

27. Learn how to grocery shop if you want to be a real grown up. Only some store-brand products are acceptable to purchase — cheese isn’t one of them.

28. Lay off the current generation of teens. Yeah, they do a lot of annoying, preposterous, ridiculous sh-t, but so did we at that age.

29. Save money whenever it’s possible, because as soon as you think you’re ahead money-wise, something expensive will break.

30. Always listen and ruminate, but never make important decisions based off of advice from someone who isn’t going to have to face the consequences.

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May Your Road be Rough in 2014 (culled)

‘Tai Solarin

“May your road be rough this Year”

I am not cursing you; I am wishing you what I wish myself every year. I therefore repeat, may you have a hard time this year, may there be plenty of troubles for you this year! If you are not so sure what you should say back, why not just say, ‘Same to you’? I ask for no more. Our successes are conditioned by the amount of risk we are ready to take. Earlier on today I visited a local farmer about three miles from where I live. He could not have been more than fifty-five, but he said he was already too old to farm vigorously. He still suffered, he said, from the physical energy he displayed as a farmer in his younger days. Around his hut were two pepper bushes. There were cocoyams growing round him. There were snail shells which had given him meat. There must have been more around the banana trees I saw. He hardly ever went to town to buy things. He was self-sufficient. The car or the bus, the television or the telephone, the newspaper, Vietnam or Red China were nothing to him. He had no
ambitions whatsoever, he told me. I am not sure if you are already envious of him, but were we all to revert to such a life, we would be practically driven back to cave dwelling.
On the other hand, try to put yourself into the position of the Russian or the America astronaut. Any moment now the count, 3, 2, 1, is going to go, and you are going to be shot into the atmosphere and soon you will be whirling round our earth at the speed of six miles per second. If you get so fired into the atmosphere and you forget what to do to ensure return to earth, one of the things that might happen to you is that you could become forever satellite, going round the earth until you die of starvation and even then your body would continue the gyration!
When, therefore, you are being dressed up and padded to be shot into the sky, you know only too well that you are going on the roughest road man had ever trodden. The Americans and Russians who have gone were armed with the great belief that they would
come back. But I cannot believe that they did not have some slight foreboding on the contingency of their non-return. It is their courage for going inspite of these apprehensions that makes the world hail them so loudly today.
The big fish is never caught in shallow waters. You have to go into the open sea for it. The biggest businessmen make decisions with lighting speed and carry them out with equal celerity. They do not dare delay or dally. Time would pass them by if they did. The biggest successes are preceded by the greatest of heart-burnings. You should read the stories of the bomber pilots of World War II. The Russian pilot, the German pilot, the American or the British pilot suffered exactly the same physical and mental tension the night before a raid on enemy territory.
There were no alternative routes for those who most genuinely believed in victory for their side.
You cannot make omelettes without breaking eggs, throughout the world, there is no paean without pain. Jawaharlal Nehru has put it so well. I am paraphrasing him. He wants to meet his troubles in a frontal attack. He wants to see himself tossed into the aperture between the two horns of the bull. Being there, he determines he is going to win and, therefore, such a fight requires all his faculties. When my sisters and I were young and we slept on our small mats round our mother, she always woke up at 6a.m. for morning prayers. She always said prayers on our behalf but always ended with something like
this: ‘May we not enter into any dangers or get into any difficulties this day.’ It took me almost thirty years to dislodge the canker-worm in our mother’s sentiments. I found, by hard experience, that all that is noble and laudable was to be achieved only through difficulties and trials and tears and dangers. There are no other roads. If I was born into a royal family and should one day become a constitutional king, I am inclined to think I should go crazy. How could I, from day to day, go on smiling and nodding approval at somebody else’s successes for an entire lifetime? When Edward the Eighth (now Duke of Windsor) was a young, sprightly
Prince of Wales, he went to Canada and shook so many hands that his right arm nearly got pulled out of its socket. It went into a sling and he shook hands thenceforth with his left hand. It would appear he was trying his utmost to make a serious job out of downright sinecurism.
Life, if it is going to be abundant, must have plenty of hills and vales. It must have plenty of sunshine and rough weather. It must be rich in obfuscation and perspicacity. It must be packed with days of danger and of apprehension. When I walk into the dry but certainly cool morning air of every January 1st, I wish myself plenty of tears and of laughter, plenty of happiness and unhappiness, plenty of failures and successes. Plenty of abuse and praise. It is impossible to win ultimately without a rich measure of intermixture in such a menu. Life would be worthless without the lot. We do
not achieve much in this country because we are all so scared of taking risks. We all want the smooth and well-paved roads. While the reason the Americans and others succeeded so well is that they took such great risks.
If, therefore, you are out in this New Year 1964, to win any target you have set for yourself, please accept my prayers and your elixir. May your road be rough!

– Tai Solarin (1922-1994) was one of Nigeria’s
foremost social activists his legacy includes the
famous Mayflower School, Ikenne and Mollusi College Ijebu-Ode. This article was published in Daily Times Newspaper of January 1st, 1964.

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13 Life-long lessons I learnt in 2013

Its few hours to the end of 2013 and this keeps ringing in my head to write. i’ve had many blogs yet unwritten, many words yet said and many actions yet done. As i frequently do, yearly…..I write on lessons i gained through the year in a view of being objective and strategizing for the coming one And as i always insist –             I AM NOT A WRITER.

1.) Believe in yourself : This is the greatest lesson i have learnt in 2013, if your believe in what you do and who are then perhaps the sky is the limit.  Once you set your mind to achieving something, then a major limitation has being removed.

2.) Trust people BUT… always give room for their IMG_00001286failures, then you would not be dissapointed.

3.) Trust God because everything will eventually be fine. There can be accidental parents or children but you are not accidental to this world. God has your back ALL the way.

4.) Knowing your purpose and sticking to it early is the pathway to greatness: Your purpose can be known from what you enjoy doing, your passion, what you find yourself doing very easily( for free perhaps). Sticking to it on time guarantees high-rising.

5.) Having a mentor doesn’t make you a photocopy of an original, rather makes you easily get a pattern to which you can follow. Added to my list of mentors like Fela Durotoye and Bishop Oyedepo this year is Mr Gamaliel Onosode (google him). I learnt a few things from what he did at my age and worked dilligently on it.

6.) Attitude is everything: That is a title of a book actually, developing the right mindset towards every situation is a key to greatness.

7.) Love life.

8.) The race is not for the swift or strong after all.

9.) “To be IT, Fake IT then eventually you’ll be IT”

10.) Have great friends: I made a lot of good friends, let go of old friendships that were draining. My friends had a way of encouraging me and showing it can only get better.

11.) Never stop learning, keep thirsting for more knowledge.

12.) What you will be is not so far from where you are at the moment.

13.) Make positive impressions where-ever you are, You never know who is watching you.

Generally, 2013 was a great year for me. I intend blogging more often in 2014. I intend pouring out what is inside me and as i usually say DIE EMPTY. You can follow my blog, send me a mail or leave your comments.

Over to you, What has 2013 taught you?

Thank You




I have a confession to make to you. It’s a little
shocking: -I’m crazy!- But before you feel sorry for me, please be informed that there is one main thing I have in common with Mahatma Gandhi of India, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Ted Turner of CNN, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Bill Gates of Microsoft even Malala of Pakistan and many other people- we are all crazy!
I’m sure you would. agree that only a very crazy person would leave the world’s greatest university- Harvard, not because of academic or financial problems but to pursue some far-fetched dream that had never had commercial value before then. Even already tested and well funded business models fail. How much more an untried idea from someone just barely in his twenties? But that is the story of Bill Gates and Microsoft. It is also the story of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Oh, you are not sure we are crazy? Or more recently, a sixteen year old girl called Malala. She has been declared the World’s boldest girl and this was after her strong stance on Female education in ‘Taliban-infested’ Pakistan. She decided to go to school and was shot. As God would have it she wasn’t killed. Today, Malala is a world-acclaimed female-education activist. Isn’t that Crazy?
Hang on! Did anyone ever tell you of what Mahatma Gandhi did to liberate India from white oppression? He told his people to fight armed men without arms! They were literally to be lambs to the slaughter, to show passive resistance, face punishments willingly, go to jail, lose their lives…there was a time a British General ordered that fire be opened on a crowd of protesting unarmed Indians inspite of the fact that there was nothing threatening
about them. They were in an enclosed square and the British soldiers blocked the entrance. Over one thousand Indians were shot that day including women and children. But this was the result of Gandhi’s teachings to the Indians. It is worthy of note that this strategy brought India her freedom and ultimately it wasn’t as costly (even in terms of lives) as a real war would have been and it demonstrated greater humanity than the British were able to handle. We have similar
examples (patterned after Gandhi) in Martin Luther King Jnr and Nelson Mandela.
How about the guy who insisted that the world was round? Galileo Galilee was criticized by the church which was at that time more of a political organization. He had to withdraw his claim when they decided to burn him alive because of his
discovery. Today, we all agree that the world is round. But at that time, Galileo was said to be mad. What about Ted Turner of CNN? The outfit that became CNN belonged to his father and incurred so much debt that the guy (Ted’s father) committed suicide. So to even dare to take charge of it, Ted was crazy. But when he brought out a previously unheard-of idea (to
start a 24-hour live cable TV station for only news), he confirmed that he was indeed crazy. CNN started up with low funds and a very low audience. It is said that at times, the ceilings would fall off the roof during live transmissions. But guess what? The crazy guy is the sane one today.
How about Daniel, who preferred to be thrown into a den of lions instead of merely not
praying for a while (or praying in secret), or how about Shedrach, Meschach and Abednigo who preferred to be thrown into fire alive instead of worshipping an idol for a few minutes? How about Jesus, who could easily call an entire legion of angels to his defense but instead, chose to die for the human beings who were going to kill him without any form of pity?I know you may not like my terms but it’s the truth. The world is not transformed by normal people. It is transformed by those who are crazy (for Christians, a better word would be ‘supernatural’).
Normal people live the life of Solomon Grundy: Born on Monday, Christened of Tuesday, Got Married on Wednesday, Gave birth on Thursday, Took ill on Friday, Died on Saturday, Buried on Sunday and that is the end of Solomon Grundy. Normal people just contribute to the world by being a
part of the 6 billion (their impact is felt only by
increase in number and not in impact). But crazy people take the bull by the horns, challenge traditional thinking and make the difference. The problem is that while they are doing that, they come under a lot of criticism. But when they succeed, the same people who criticised them begin to praise them. Stop trying to be a part of the crowd. The way to succeed and make impact is to stand out from it. Try a new idea. Give your wildest imaginations a shot at fulfilment. It may
not work out but you would have the satisfaction of knowing that you gave it your best shot. And perhaps, you would have earned the right not to be a part of Solomon Grundy’s family.

NB: In case you were inspired by my mention of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg to
drop out of school, be informed that it’s NOT
necessarily my intention.
I am a strong advocate of good education

‘Dami Cole

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Are you profitable to God? ~culled from ‘Deolu Akinyemi’s blog

Yes, I’m sorry to burst your bubble this morning with a deep cutting question, but the answer to this will matter more than anything else in eternity!
We live in a worrisome age, where people are selfish, greedy, proclaim to know God, but lack His character or power! We have believers by mental ascent, Christians by repeating a sinners prayer and preach salvation devoid of repentance. Those however are not the crux today. The question today is – are you profitable?
To measure profit in Gods economy is simple. The master said – follow me, and I will make you fishers of men! He said, all power and authority has been given to me, go now and make disciples of nations. He said – when you receive power from on high, it’s to make you a global witness. Who has come to God through you in the last 1year? Who have you discipled? If your soul is not reaching out to save other souls, your soul is not saved! If you follow the Master, you will become a fisher of men. If you are not becoming, then you are not following. If you are
following and not becoming, you are following the wrong person.
The axe is at the root of every unproductive tree.
Are you profitable to God? Do you have fruits of your salvation? Or are you among the crowd of hanger- ons whose salvation inspires insufficient motivation to share with others?
Don’t sweep this under the carpet, let’s confront it!

– @deoluakinyemi